Watkiss Finishing

Power Square 160

  • Production
  • Booklet making: dependent on the number of sheets per book,or printer capability.
  • Stock Sizes (input size)
  • 200 x 200mm to 370 x 620mm including A4 landscape books Or according to connected printer capability.
  • Stock Range
  • 60-400gsm dependent on paper type and quality
  • Book Thickness
  • Minimum set thickness: 1 sheet (folded only), 2 sheets (makes an 8 page booklet)
Maximum finished book thickness: 8mm (approx 160 pages 80gsm) Maximum set thickness: 4mm (approx 40 sheets 80gsm)
  • Stapling
  •  2 low impact staple heads with moving clinchers.
Auto-adjusting staple pitch according to sheet size, range 100-150mm. Staples per cartridge: 5000
  • Trimming – Maximum fore-edge trim: 28mm
Minimum trimmed book size: 78mm Optional 2-knife trimmer for full bleed trimming
  • Stacking
  • Output conveyor: approx. 20 books.
Book Stacker (optional): 930mm